Web Hosting

We here at Captiverra Tech offer high quality and affordable Web Hosting Solutions in Goa, India. Our hosting servers are located in Los Angeles, on the West Coast of the US. The data center is connected through One Wilshire, also known as the "most connected building" in the world according to Wired magazine. The termination of multiple sub-sea cables at One Wilshire, creates industry-leading connectivity from the West Coast to the Asia-Pacific region.

We have a wide range of hosting plans to choose from based on your requirement and budget.

Web Hosting Packages

Features HP-50 HP-100 HP-250 HP-500 HP-1000 HP-2500 HP-5000 HP-10000
Disk Space 50 MB 100 MB 250 MB 500 MB 1,000 MB 2,500 MB 5,000 MB 10,000 MB
Monthly Bandwidth 500 MB 1,000 MB 2,500 MB 5,000 MB 10,000 MB 25,000 MB 50,000 MB 100,000 MB
Free SSD *
Setup Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free
SSL Available Available Available Available Free * Free * Free * Free *
Email Addresses Infinite Infinite Infinite Infinite Infinite Infinite Infinite Infinite
Subdomains 5 5 10 10 Infinite Infinite Infinite Infinite
Databases 5 5 10 10 Infinite Infinite Infinite Infinite
  1,250 /yr 2,250 /yr 4,500 /yr 6,500 /yr 10,000 /yr 18,500 /yr 27,500 /yr 40,000 /yr
  • Solid State Drives (SSD) are up to 20x faster than normal drives, which improves performance.
  • All Hosting Packages can be upgraded / downgraded on a pro-rata basis.
  • Free SSL included in the higher Hosting Packages is Standard SSL. Please check below for SSL details.
  • All prices mentioned above are in Indian Rupees and are charged on a yearly basis.

Website Security

Website Security is part of our core services and we believe all information should be secured at all times. This is primarily achieved by using a TLS / SSL Certificate. Even if no user information is collected on your website, it is now considered a required safe practice to always use a TLS / SSL certificate.

Using a TLS / SSL certificate results in your website getting a Green Lock symbol in the address bar. This ensures that all information passed between your website and the user is safe and secure and not modified in any way. Listed below are the various options we have to achieve this security.

Features   Standard SSL   Positive SSL   Wildcard Positive SSL   Extended Validation SSL
Type Domain Domain Domain Extended
Level Unlimited Sub-domains 1 Domain Unlimited Sub-domains 1 Domain
Installation 1 day 3 days 3 days After approval
Warranty $ 10,000 $ 10,000 $ 1,750,000
  2,400 /yr 4,500 /yr 9,000 /yr 20,000 /yr
  • For basic websites where the user information passed is trivial and non critical, we would recommend Standard SSL.
  • Extended Validation (EV) Certificates are the only certificates which result in the Green Bar.
To complement these above hosting packages, do check our responsive web development section, where in all the technology used and code generated has been optimized for the hosting provided.
Carl Costa
Cosme Costa and Associates
Goa, India
It's been a real pleasure working with Captiverra Tech, their professionalism, helpfulness and approachability in working together to deliver the website on time is remarkable! Looking forward to a continued successful relationship in the years to come.
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